Are you ready for IPv6?


Is everybody ready for IPv6? Well, according to the SANS Internet Control Center, IPv4 allocation space from IANA will be exhausted this or next week, effectively forcing folks to get real comfortable with the idea of running IPv6.


How the Internet works [Infographic]

A friend recently passed on a very cool infographic depicting how the Internet works. This is a great tutorial for new folks that may not have a technology background, or just may not have given it much thought before. For those of you that do have a background, you may notice a few subtle mistakes, but again, it’s pretty good Give it a look and let me know what you think.

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Mac OS X gets SecureCRT!

I haven’t been a Mac user for very long, but I have been a SecureCRT user for many years. For those who may not know, SecureCRT is a terminal emulator program that provides client access to telnet, ssh, serial sessions and more (I presume more, I really only use it for the aforementioned reasons). During my brief, but so far highly satisfying time as a Mac user, I have somewhat missed the use of SecureCRT, as it has only been available for Windows. In order to access telnet, ssh or serial sessions, I’ve learned to use Terminal is nice because of it’s tabbing ability (clearly blows away Windows’ command prompt), and it might even be nicer if I could learn how to automate some of my uses with it.

But, as this post’s title implies, SecureCRT is now available (in beta form) for Mac OS X! Let me show you how I’ve been using it.

If you’ve not entered a license key (like me), when you fire it up, you’ll get a nag screen letting you know how much longer you’ve got left to evaluate it. As you can see, my time is quickly running out, as I’ve only got 17 days remaining!

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1.8 zettabytes by 2011!

Recent statistical evidence suggests that by 2011 every man, woman and child on the globe will each consume over 260 GBs of data. In this interesting article, you will learn two tips to help your business meet your forecasted storage goals.

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iPad for Business?

With its built in support for Microsoft Exchange, a tremendous amount of business centric applications – like whiteboarding (search for capacitive stylus) and the iWork Suite, and with its great battery life, the iPad appears to be a nice device for business users.

Unfortunately for Facebook Zinga gamers out there, there does not look to be any future for Flash working on the iPad.

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