Copy and Paste with Office 2010

Hello Everybody,

I installed Office 2010 Professional Plus last night, and have been enjoying it. Aside from the new splash screen and skin touch ups, there are some pretty cool features. One that really stands out to me is how you copy and paste.

If you do a lot of copying and pasting between documents, you might have labored through getting your data formatted the way you wanted it.

For instance, I want to copy and paste some payroll data that I’ve been working on in an Excel spread sheet and then email it using Outlook.
Excel Data

I’ll select my cells, then right click and copy.
Excel Data Copy

You might be used to seeing the paste options button appear near the bottom right of your newly pasted data. If you click it, you’re presented with options to keep the source formatting, paste as a picture, or keep the plain text – among others.
Excel Data paste pre 2010

If the data didn’t paste the way you wanted it to, then you could always try out one of the options given by the paste options button – until you become content with your output.

With Office 2010, I’ve found that pasting has become a much more streamlined operation with the addition of the paste options inside of the right click context menu.
2010 Paste Context Menu

Now, as you mouse-over the paste options, you’ll be able to preview the formatting within your document.

Here’s the preview for “Keep Source Formatting”
2010 Paste Context Menu-keep source

Preview for “Use Destination Styles”
2010 Paste Context Menu-use destination styles

Preview for “Link & Keep Source Formatting”
2010 Paste Context Menu-link and keep source formatting

Preview for “Link & Use Destination Styles”
2010 Paste Context Menu-link and use destination styles

Preview for “Picture”
2010 Paste Context Menu-Picture

Preview for “Keep Text Only”
2010 Paste Context Menu-Keep Text Only

Now, isn’t that nice!

Of course, there are plenty more new features, like the Office Backstage view, a more platform distributed Ribbon Bar, a convienient Quick Access Toolbar, and and others.

If you’re using Office 2010 too, then please leave a comment to let me know what your favorite new features are.

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